1st Semester

2nd Semester

3rd Semester

4th Semester

5th Semester

6th Semester

7th Semester
Code Course Name TH YS EP Sem Theory Practice Laboratory
CO23Software Development X 71 3
CO25Theory of ComputationX  731 
CO26Field TrainingXXX7   
CO27Diploma Thesis IXXX7   
TI012Advanced Topics in AlgorithmsB  731 
TI09Algorithmic Operational ResearchBEE731 
TI10Graph TheoryB  731 
CSA07Information Systems E 721 
CSA08Human Computer InteractionEBE721 
CSA10Computer Science Didactics E 712 
CSA11Data Mining Techniques E 731 
CSA12Innovation and Business dexterity E 721 
TSP09Transmission Lines, Waveguides and Optical Fibre  B7311
TSP10Image Processing  E73 1
TSP11Real Time Signal Processing  E71 2
TSP13Wireless Communications  E73 1
TSP14Embedded Systems EE7312
TSP15Communication Networks II  B7311
TSP16Optical Communication Systems and Networks  B7311
GE05Project Management   72  
GE06Principles of Technical Writing and Presentations   72  

8th Semester


  • TH: Theoretical Informatics
  • YS: Computer Systems and Applications
  • EP: Communications and Signal Processing
  • X : Sector that offers the course
  • B : Basic optional courses
  • E : Specialization courses