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8th Semester
Code Course Name TH YS EP Sem Theory Practice Laboratory
CO28Diploma Thesis IIXXX8   
TI11Computational GeometryB  831 
TI13Computational LogicE  83  
TI14Non-Linear OptimizationE  821 
TI15Functional ProgrammingEE 821 
TI16Special Topics in Theoretical Computer ScienceE  831 
CSA09Software Engineering B 832 
CSA13Security of Computer Systems E 831 
CSA14Internet Application TechnologyEBE8211
CSA15Informatics in EducationEEE813 
CSA16Special Topics in Computer Systems and Applications E 84  
TSP12Optoelectronics  E83 1
TSP17Network Management  B831 
TSP18Mobile and Personal Communication Systems  E83 1
TSP19Speech Processing  E83  
TSP20Communication Networks  E83  
TSP21Computers in Music  E822 
TSP22Special Topics in Communications and Signal Processing  E84  


  • TH: Theoretical Informatics
  • YS: Computer Systems and Applications
  • EP: Communications and Signal Processing
  • X : Sector that offers the course
  • B : Basic optional courses
  • E : Specialization courses