The Study Programme of the Faculty of Informatics consists of courses divided in four categories:

  • Compulsory Courses:
    • 25 semestrial courses,
    • 2 semesters of Final Year Thesis (F.Y.T.)
    • Field Training, which can be taken as an alternative to one semester of the Final Year Project
  • Optional Courses:
    • Theoretical Informatics Orientation
    • Computer Systems and Applications Orientation
    • Communications and Signal Processing Orientation
  • Optional Free Courses
    • Courses that are taught in the Department
    • Any other course that is offered by other Departments of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
  • General Education Courses. Courses aiming at enhancing the student's general education and competence. In these courses, students are not evaluated by the usual examination procedure

The Optional Courses are divided into two categories: the Basic Optional Courses (9 for every study orientation), and the Specialization Optional Courses.

In order to obtain the Diploma "Ptychio", the student must complete his/her studies, i.e. to attend and pass successfully exams in 40 courses, the General Education Courses and the Final Year Thesis, as follows:

  1. The 25 compulsory courses
  2. At least 5 Basic Optional Courses, chosen by the student (but at least one from each orientation)
  3. At least 10 Specialization Optional Courses, or Optional Free Courses, chosen by the student
  4. The General Education Courses
  5. The Final Year Thesis (which may be partly substituted by the Field Training).

The students who complete successfully more that 40 courses may select those that will form their "Ptychio" grade. All the other courses will be mentioned in their detailed list of course grades.