AUTHOR: George Athanasopoulos
TITLE: The contribution of P2P and Grid in B2B electronic commerce

  • Electronic Commerce and Services
  • Architecture of Internet Applications
  • Software Engineering and Systems Analysis
  • Supervisor: Tsalgatidou Aphrodite
  • Advisor: Yiannis Cotronis
  • Advisor: Drakoulis Martakos
E_ADDRESS: www.di.uoa.gr/~gathanas
This work aims to investigate the current state in service oriented computing and to provide appropriate extensions that are needed for the composition of heterogeneous services such as web, peer to peer and grid services. Service oriented development and in particular heterogeneous service composition can bring fruitful results and be applied in various application domains. An interesting application domain for service oriented computing is the electronic commerce and it will be used as the underlying domain for this research.
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