AUTHOR: Bouros Panagiotis
TITLE: A Peer-to-Peer infrastructure for publishing and discovering of Semantic Web Enabled Web Services

  • Architecture of Internet Applications
  • Distributed Systems
  • Databases and Internet
  • Supervisor: Tsalgatidou Aphrodite
  • Advisor: Alex Delis
  • Advisor: Michalis Hatzopoulos
E_ADDRESS: pbour@di.uoa.gr
Today's distributed computing is strongly connected with the idea of Web Services. The notion of Web services can facilitate the interoperability between systems to accomplish inside business tasks, realizing the system integration and also inter-organizational operations. Although today’s standards are well defined and accepted by the industry too, they are less suitable for describing the semantics of what a service does. Discovering process is also limited by the lack of semantics. What’s more, the centralized character of publishing mechanism makes easier the configuration and the control of the performance, but on the other hand results to scalability and consistency problems. This thesis will investigate the use of a decentralized and distributed architecture of private registries over a peer-to-peer network.
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