AUTHOR: Gouli Evangelia
TITLE: Web-based Adaptive Educational Environment supporting Assessment and Learning and utilization in Didactics of Informatics

  • Design and Implementation of Educational Software
  • Instructional Strategies for the Use and Evaluation of Educational Software
  • Adaptive Intelligent Tutoring Systems
  • Supervisor: Grigoriadou Maria
  • Advisor: Filokyprou Georgios
  • Advisor: Ioannidis Yannis
E_ADDRESS: http://hermes.di.uoa.gr/lab/CVs/gouli_gr.html
Research lies on the area of web-based assessment environments. Having as an objective to interweave assessment with learning and instruction, the research focuses on (i) the development of a web-based adaptive learning environment, which supports peer and collaborative assessment, formative assessment of learner’s knowledge and investigation of learner’s beliefs, and (ii) the utilization of the environment in teaching/learning informatics concepts. The environment exploits concept maps as a learning and assessment tool and provides individualized feedback with respect to learner’s knowledge level, preferences and interaction behaviour.
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