AUTHOR: Laoutaris Nikolaos
TITLE: Modeling and Optimization of Content Networks

  • Multimedia networking, services and applications
  • Game Theory and Networking Theory
  • Supervisor: Stavrakakis Ioannis
  • Advisor: Vassilios Zissimopoulos
  • Advisor: Dimitrios Maroulis
The dissertation deals with problems relating to the modeling and optimization of content networks. Such networks are employed for bringing the Internet content closer to the end users, and base their operation on the replication (permanent storage) or the caching (temporary storage) of information objects. The first part of the dissertation is devoted to the study of the problem of allocating a given quantity of storage to the nodes of a content network. Exact, as well as approximate, algorithms are developed for this problem. The case of selfishly behaving nodes is also examined; such nodes care to their own (local) utility, and disregard the social (global) utility of the network. The second part of the dissertation is devoted to the study of interconnected LRU caches. It is shown, that the de facto behavior of caching the same object, multiple times, in all the caches of a multilevel network, is, in fact, suboptimal, and that better solutions exist, that cache objects in fewer intermediate caches. The third part of the dissertation is devoted to the systematic optimization of video receivers for Internet streaming applications.
Research > PhD Theses