TDIS:Three-Dimensional Imaging System Based on Integral Photography for Precise Simulation of 3D Perception and Enhancement of the Telepresence Effect

PERSON IN CHARGE: Theofanous Nikiforos
FUNDED BY: European Commission
START DATE: 01/09/2002
END DATE: 31/08/2003
The scientific and technological objectives of the project include: -Τhe creation of a basic working prototype of a 3D display system, consisting of a flat panel LCD display and a microlens array, with natural 3D perception, resolution and depth, comparable to the screen size. -Τhe development of a functional prototype of the 3D capturing system compatible with the functional prototype of the 3D display. -Τhe psychophysical research in the field of 3D vision in humans in order to develop basic requirements for the realization of natural perception of reconstructed 3D images and enhancement of the telepresence effect. -Τhe adjustment of technical parameters of the 3D display to the requirements elaborated in psychophysical research and development of a final working prototype of the 3D display.
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