Automatic University Course and School Timetabling via Constraint Programming

PERSON IN CHARGE: Stamatopoulos Panagiotis
FUNDED BY: University of Athens
START DATE: 01/01/2003
END DATE: 30/06/2004
WEB SITE/E-MAIL: http://www.di.uoa.gr/~orprog
The automatic construction of university course and school timetables is a scheduling problem. Its difficulty, as well as its frequency (the problem is faced by each educational unit at least once a year) are the reasons that the problem is being studied even from the 60s. Since then, the problem has been tackled with various approaches including graph coloring, network flows and other Operations Research methods. During the last years, various Artificial Intelligence techniques have been used against the problem, like tabu search, simulated annealing, genetic algorithms and constraint programming. In this project, an existing timetabling system was extended and improved. In addition, a web-based user-interface for the system was developed.
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