Development of a Crew Scheduling System for Olympic Airways

PERSON IN CHARGE: Stamatopoulos Panagiotis
FUNDED BY: Olympic Airways
START DATE: 01/09/2003
END DATE: 01/03/2004
WEB SITE/E-MAIL: takis@di.uoa.gr
Airline crew scheduling is a very difficult combinatorial search problem, which has been tackled, mainly, via Operations Research methods. Recently, the Constraint Programming technology is being also used to solve the problem. The difficulty of the problem is due to the following reasons. Firstly, the produced crew schedules have to follow a complicated set of rules and regulations. Secondly, the search space is huge, which leads to significant time requirements to produce the optimal, or even a very good, solution, according to a given optimality criterion. In this project, the University of Athens developed a C++ constraint programming library, using the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET platform. On top of the constraint system, a user-friendly crew scheduling application for Olympic Airways was implemented
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