Perspectives for the Greek Electricity Market

PERSON IN CHARGE: Mavrakis Dimitris
FUNDED BY: EC – DG XVII Contract No. 2600/ E/ 93 – 005
START DATE: 01/01/1993
END DATE: 31/12/1994
WEB SITE/E-MAIL: http://www.kepa.uoa.gr, epgsec@kepa.uoa.gr
An analytical presentation of the Hellenic electricity market (market legislation, production and demand system, lignite mines, transmission system, environmental protection, international interconnections, development program of Public Power Corporation). A range of software programs were used for the assessment of medium-long term trends of the electricity market, allowing the correlation between the developments of macroeconomic indices of finance with those of electric energy. The study emphasizes the potential of the Hellenic electricity market and especially in respect of the speculative – at that time - penetration of natural gas and its consequences into the formulation of the market investment planning within the following years.
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