Study on the Development of a Competitive Balcan Electricity Market

PERSON IN CHARGE: Mavrakis Dimitris
FUNDED BY: European Commission – PHARE-MEP
START DATE: 28/12/1998
END DATE: 28/12/1999
WEB SITE/E-MAIL: http://www.kepa.uoa.gr, epgsec@kepa.uoa.gr
The main purpose of this study was to assist the development of a Regional Electricity Market in the Balkans. The market should be able to function according to the rules UCTE. The countries that were included were Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, FYROM, Romania and Greece. The study is divided into two parts. The first includes the selection and the elaboration of the necessary technical, institutional, commercial and financial aspects that correspond to the countries that participate in the project. In the second part, a procedure of defining a basic agreement framework is created allowing the development of a feasible proposal for the formation of the REM. The study was conducted by an international consortium consisted of LDK, BECHTEL, SPRU, ECA with EPG-NKUA as the project co-ordinator. The study in all stages of execution was under the surveillance of DG-XVII and the official representatives of Energy Ministers of participating countries.
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