EDS, ESPRIT II EP 2025 - European Declarative System

PERSON IN CHARGE: Halatsis Costas
FUNDED BY: European Union
START DATE: 01/01/1989
END DATE: 30/06/1992
WEB SITE/E-MAIL: halatsis@di.uoa.gr
The aim of this project was the development of a computing environment (hardware and software) which unified the three major declarative programming paradigms, namely logic programming, functional programming and query languages for relational databases. The University of Athens was responsible to study and propose various extensions to the parallel logic programming laguage ElipSys, namely support of numerical processing, introduction of modules and abstract data types in the language and support for real-time processing. The University of Athens was also responsible for the development of a tourist advisor (PETINA - PErsonalized Tourist INformation Advisor), as well as for the development of a prototype English natural language understanding system for databases (NAQUEL - NAtural QUEry Language), both in the ElipSys language.
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