Mobility Management in Wireless ATM Networks

PERSON IN CHARGE: Merakos Lazaros
FUNDED BY: General Secreteriat of Research and Technology (GSRT)
START DATE: 01/01/1997
END DATE: 31/12/1998
The introduction of wireless ATM (WATM) in customer premises networks (CPN) environments necessitates the design of mobility signaling protocols, since the existing versions of B-ISDN signaling do not support terminal mobility. Such protocols need to be deployed as individual solutions that have little or no impact on existing infrastructures (switches, signaling software, etc.). In this project a new mobility management protocol has been designed that is based on the WATM architecture developed in the context of the ACTS project "The Magic WAND". More specifically the new protocol enhances the mobility management support developed in WAND in three areas: 1.Minimization of the handover execution time through the parallel execution of the target BS selection algorithm. 2.Design of new algorithms to achieve lossless handovers, using smart buffering techniques in the mobility enhanced ATM switches 3.Design of inter-switch mobility procedures (i.e, location management for large networks, inter-switch handovers).
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