PERSON IN CHARGE: Merakos Lazaros
FUNDED BY: Hellenic Telecommunications Organisation (ΟΤΕ)
START DATE: 26/07/2001
END DATE: 13/07/2004
The main objectives of the project are: 1.The installation of an IP-based preliminary testbed, followed by the installation of a UMTS testbed at the OTE R&D Labs 2.The specification and execution of experiments concerning the following issues: •Fundamental services and applications of UMTS •UMTS mobility and QoS provision •The UMTS management and charging model •Radio-coverage, broadcast control, and telecommunication load measures for the W-CDMA technology. 3.Transportation of the IP traffic over the radio part of UMTS. 4.The design and implementation of basic application/services of UMTS (Voice over IP, Web Browsing, multimedia teleconferencing, Multimedia Messaging, Unified Messaging, VHE service), as well as of the UMTS management and charging system. 5.The analysis of network dimensioning, the computation of the capacity and radio-coverage through simulation tools, so that the peculiarities of the UMTS WCDMA are studied. 6.Evaluation of experimental results and system performance.
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