E2R (End-to-end Reconfigurability)

PERSON IN CHARGE: Merakos Lazaros
FUNDED BY: European Commission
START DATE: 01/01/2004
END DATE: 31/12/2005
WEB SITE/E-MAIL: http://www.e2r.motlabs.com/e2r
End-to-End Reconfigurability – E2R – project aims at bringing full benefits of this Radio Eco-Space diversity making heterogeneous environments transparent, flexible and intelligent. Today’s multimode terminals and networks offer emerging multimedia applications. In a medium term vision, multimode 2.5G/3G terminal platform will contribute to smart reconfigurable terminal and network that will offer more flexible way to communicate. The ultimate vision of E2R is to reach an all-IP fully integrated networks with reconfigurable equipments and associated discovery, control and management mechanisms. Therefore, research in the end-to-end aspect (stretching from user device all the way up to internet protocol and services) and in reconfigurability support (intrinsic functionalities such as management and control, download support, spectrum, regulatory issues and business models) is required to realise this vision.
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