Design and Implementation of a Wireless LAN Authentication Mechanism (Through 2G and 3G Mobile Networks) - DIWAM

PERSON IN CHARGE: Merakos Lazaros
FUNDED BY: General Secreteriat of Research and Technology (GSRT)
START DATE: 01/06/2004
END DATE: 31/03/2006
The objective of this project is the design and implementation of an authentication mechanism for WLAN users through the GPRS network. This mechanism will be able to check the identity of every user with a valid GPRS subscription who is trying to connect to a WLAN. In this way, mobile operators are able to deploy WLANs is selected WLANs, or to establish agreements with Wireless ISPs. The subscribers of the mobile networks will be authenticated in the WLANs, through the same credentials, and use the extra bandwidth in order to use advanced services, such as video-conference or video-on-demand.
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