M-GUIDE Cultural Location Based Information Services / E-Content

PERSON IN CHARGE: Sphicopoulos Thomas
FUNDED BY: European Commission
START DATE: 01/01/2002
END DATE: 31/12/2004
The project aims to develop and deploy a System for providing Location Based Information Services for the city of Athens, Greece and Turku, Finland. The main core of Information content that will be deployed in the marketable project results will consist of Tourist information on specific monuments and sights of down town areas, neighboring information and public services hot spots (Tourist Information Kiosks, exhibition centers, theaters, etc.). Information Services will be provided using GSM+/2.5 G existing mobile technology. Using the existing GSM and GPRS core network of partners, the consortium will be able to address in full extend the current state of mobile phones usage of both GSM and GPRS end-users. Α detail techno economic evaluation has been performed in order to unidentified the related risk with the introduction of LBS in “example” European countries
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