ECOSYS, techno-ECOnomics of integrated communication SYStems and services

PERSON IN CHARGE: Sphicopoulos Thomas
FUNDED BY: CELTIC - Telecommunication Solutions through Collaborative Research - EUREKA
START DATE: 01/01/2004
END DATE: 31/12/2007
WEB SITE/E-MAIL: http://www.celtic-ecosys.org
The overall objective of ECOSYS is to develop a strategic techno-economic analysis framework, apply it on case studies and draw conclusions and recommendations from that. To achieve this, ECOSYS will further develop methodologies for techno-economic evaluation in the telecom sector. The applicability of general investment analysis methodologies and theories to telecom projects is examined and research on new complementary methodologies is carried out, e.g. for more systematic evaluation of OPEX (OPerational EXpenditures), in order to achieve a complete and objective business feasibility analysis. These methodologies will be implemented in a user-friendly software tool for techno-economic evaluation. ECOSYS will collect and extract information on new and enhanced services and applications for the mobile and fixed broadband networks. Based on extracted information and historical data, ECOSYS will develop models for forecasting traffic and access demand for the described services.
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