Study of Free Space Optical Networks for broadband access / PYTHAGORAS

PERSON IN CHARGE: Sphicopoulos Thomas
FUNDED BY: Ministry of Education
START DATE: 01/01/2005
END DATE: 31/12/2006
Free Space Optical Networks (FSON) comprise one of the most promising solution for the development and the maintenance of broadband telecommunication applications such as distribution of high quality video, tele conferencing, transmission of high definition medical image e.t.c. FSON include wireless access networks as well as satellite backbone networks.
In the FSON systems, information is modulated on an optical carrier and is transmitted wireless in high bit rates (few hundreds Mb/s). The objective of the proposed work is to evaluate the ability of FSON technology to offer, in the future, high bit rate access to the end user. Numerical models will be used for the study of FSON systems. These models will simulate the operation of the structural components of FSO network.
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