MarketMaker: Wiring Smart Enterprises in the Digital World through Process Orchestration

PERSON IN CHARGE: Martakos Drakoulis
FUNDED BY: European Commission
START DATE: 01/11/2001
END DATE: 31/10/2003
WEB SITE/E-MAIL: http://marketmaker.intranet.gr/index.htm
The Market Maker (Wiring Smart Enterprises in the Digital World through Process Orchestration) project aims to develop and demonstrate a highly sophisticated WEB-enabled mediation platform which will enable process wiring among several market players in the context of alternative e-Market models. The platform will provide the capability for organisational & process modelling, inter-organisational workflow integration and will support the e-Market models operation by integrating advanced e-Business logic in the corresponding workflows.
The Market Maker platform forms a very valuable business opportunity either for (1) emerging Business Service Providers (BSPs) that wish to offer cost efficient workflow integration & e-Business services to communities of SMEs or (2) medium (to large) sized companies that wish to provide value added e-Business services to their business partners by integrating their workflows in a cross-enterprise level.
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