MEDEA “Microscanning Endoscope with Diagnostic and Enhanced Resolution Attributes”

PERSON IN CHARGE: Theofanous Nikiforos
FUNDED BY: European Commission
START DATE: 01/01/1998
END DATE: 31/03/2001
The major objective at this project refers to the use of fiber-coupled solid state lasers with blue, red and green emissions, in a new (electronically controlled) microscanner. This structure consists of two independent mirrors, for vertical and horizontal scanning, and the fiber-coupled light guide to the avalanche diode detector at the proximal end of an endoscope outside the body. A second objective is the achievement of miniaturized compact optics and detection units along with the implementation of advanced image and signal processing techniques, which are the prerequisite for a compact field monitor without moving parts that could wear out or become disgusted by shocks. The total sum of the enhancement of the yield of all components will bring down the expected costs and increase the MTF value of the diagnostic system.
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