PITHAGORAS: Design and development of geometric algorithms for curved objects

PERSON IN CHARGE: Emiris Ioannis
FUNDED BY: Ministry of Education, EPEAEK
START DATE: 01/03/2004
END DATE: 31/08/2006
WEB SITE/E-MAIL: http://www.di.uoa.gr/~erga/work.html
The project uses Computational Geometry methods to study curved objects in the plane and the 3d space, which are encountered in - geometric design, graphics and modelling, - in structural biology and bioinformatics, - in robot navigation among obstacles, and - in network and VLSI design.
The problems studied include arrangements, Voronoi diagrams, and visibility among curved obstacles. We extend classical computational geometry beyond linear objects. Our methods use exact algebraic algorithms to guarantee robustness. Our goal is efficient algorithms for representing and handling algebraic numbers of small degree. Finally, we implement our methods for applications in the above areas.
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