The undergraduate studies programme of the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications reflects the convergence of "Information Technologies and Telecommunications", effected by the domination of digital technology and the resulting unification of information and communication systems. Therefore, in parallel with the Theoretical Informatics and Computer Systems, the subject of Telecommunications is also taught under a unified approach, as well as contemporary applications and information, and communication services.

The convergence of Computers and Telecommunications offers great development potential, and will play a very important role in the advancement of science, society and economy, along with a simultaneous creation of many work positions.

Since its foundation, the Department has focused with perceptivity and scientific competence on this direction, and today is a "successful technology convergence paradigm". From the beginning, three sectors were created, for Theoretical Informatics, Computer Systems and Applications, and Communications and Signal Processing, while the Department attracted excellent faculty, whose expertise covers the breadth of the three divisions. The students, after they acquire the basic foundations of the science during their first years of study, they can choose from the three divisions those courses that better suit their interests and capabilities.

The Department Curriculum Courses (PDF)