ATTRACT: Advanced Teleworking techniques & Tele-services for insuRance Agents & CusTomers

PERSON IN CHARGE: Martakos Drakoulis
FUNDED BY: European Commission
START DATE: 01/11/2000
END DATE: 31/10/2002
WEB SITE/E-MAIL: http://www.pouliadis.gr/attract/project.htm
The project ATTRACT is introducing value added technology and business components for the development of enhanced tele-working environments and the provision of value added customer services in the Private Insurance sector (with extensions in other related markets). Moreover this projects aims at: - Enhancing the traditional value chain of the Private Insurance Service provision from concept development through service merchandising and customer service by providing value added services to insurance agents and customers through alternative networking platforms Empowering and facilitating insurance workers in remote customer portfolio management, including also access to personalised customer support-on-demand services (i.e. financial planning) through advanced occupational tele-business environments - Introducing new business opportunities for the market players including on & off line cybermediation in content related complementary markets and virtual customer communities - Accelerating the adoption of Information Society technologies by diffusing innovation to million of workers and citizens groups attached with loyal and long-term relationships.
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