PKI - Implementation and Test Suites for Selected Applications and Services

PERSON IN CHARGE: Martakos Drakoulis
FUNDED BY: European Institute for Research and Strategic Studies in Telecommunications
START DATE: 01/01/2000
END DATE: 31/12/2001
WEB SITE/E-MAIL: http://www.eurescom.de/public/projects/P1000-series/p1001/default.asp#Project%20Results
A number of EURESCOM Projects in the past have addressed the importance of a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) that needs to be integrated in different technologies, applications and services. Requirements for trials and interoperability testing for selected applications that can benefit from the use of PKI have been specified. A PKI framework has been defined as well. Several EURESCOM Projects of the WP2000 have unidentified PKI requirements that need to be considered. PKI has a definitive role for providing trustworthy over the Internet. Applications, services and technologies utilising certificates will have an important position in the future e-commerce infrastructure.
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