Multichannel Raman gas Sensor for Quantitative air Pollution Monitoring

PERSON IN CHARGE: Theofanous Nikiforos
FUNDED BY: European Commission, Contract NO MAT-CT94-0022
START DATE: 29/06/1994
END DATE: 29/06/1997
A multichannel Raman sensor for quantitative air pollution monitoring, on a portable basis, has been realized and evaluated in several steps, as follows: - Evaluation of the method with a three-channel lab set-up to specify all components in detail of the proposed functional prototype for field tests, - Development and production of the improved components of a six-channel multigas sensor by using of new technologies and assembly of the prototypes with increased overall efficiency, - Laboratory and field tests, evaluation of the efficiency and practicability for environmental monitoring, evaluation of further optimization potentials, test of compliance with directives and standards, evaluation of modifications needed for emission and immission measurements, comparison with reference methods. - The obtained system and results proved to be quite satisfactory.
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