Measurement of Atmospheric Pollutants using the method of Raman Scattering

PERSON IN CHARGE: Theofanous Nikiforos
START DATE: 01/01/1998
END DATE: 31/12/1999
This Project aimed at making continuously measurements and monitoring of air gas pollutants (CO2, NOx, CO2, O3 and some hydrocarbons) using a compact Multichannel Gas Analyzer similar to that developed in MAT-1 Project. Testing and optimization of the devices has been also planned. Οptimizing modifications of the setups have been realized in LMTB of Berlin which was the principal partner of the Project. Relevant measurements have been taken there . Also, extended transfer of knowledge and know-how has been carried out, particularly in LMTB of Berlin. As a result of the above work two publications in conference proceedings have been achieved.
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