Prof. P. Georgiadis

Deputy Head:

Prof. I. Stavrakakis

Director, Sector of Theoretical Computer Science:

Prof. I. Emiris

Director, Sector of Computer Systems and Applications:

Prof. A. Paschalis

Director, Sector of Communications and Signal Processing:

Prof. D. Syvridis

Responsible for Undergraduate Studies

Prof. A. Paschalis

Responsible for Postgraduate Studies

Prof. Y.Ioannidis

Former Department Heads

Prof. G. Philokyprou, 1990-1994
Prof. M. Hatzopoulos, 1994-1996
Prof. K. Halatsis, 1996-1998
Prof. G. Philokyprou, 1998-2000
Prof. T. Sfikopoulos, 2000-2003
Prof. M. Hatzopoulos, 2004-2006
Prof. T. Sfikopoulos, 2006-2010